Guidelines for ABVCP Teachers

Respected Teachers,


There are few fundamental guidelines/ instructions, we expect a teacher should follow to make our VCP a great experience for our students. We are providing two types of courses to the students – 

  1. Free Courses – Only Youtube videos
  2. Paid Courses – Live Classes, Recorded videos, Interactive contents, student portal access.

Important points for a VCP Teacher – 

  1. Based on the time availability of a teacher, we will allocate units of their respective subject for live classes/ video recording and content writing. 
  2. To avoid college class loss for our BAMS students, our live session timings will be from – 6am to 8am and 6pm to 11pm. So based on teachers’ availability in that particular time for live class, we have made a live session time table ( It is not possible to cover all the topics in this short time duration and in the teacher’s limited time availability, so we will record the units/ topics and then after editing, upload them in the student portal. For each topic, a student will have written and visual (video) contents.
  3. For enrolled students, we will provide visual contents in the form ofΒ  –
    1. Live classes (likely to be query resolving/ practical class/ interactive class). These live classes will also be recorded and after editing, published in the student’s portal.
    2. Video recordings (for all topics)
  4. We have allotted live classes to the teachers who are available at that particular time. In case of leave, please inform us in advance so that we can arrange for a backup teacher in your absence. In the live classes, teachers –
    1. Can take classes on their allotted topics, or
    2. Can make the live session a general discussion/ query resolving session on any topic of the subject. They can pre-plan the topics of discussion for the next class and inform the class in previous classes.
  5. All the teachers can start recording videos on their allocated units from now onwards. We will have a monthly virtual meeting to discuss the work progress, suggestions, queries, small training etc. Minimum 1 video per week is expected from each teacher.
  6. We expect the notes/ book content also for the same topic along with the video submission. So, you have to submit the video and its study material/ content together.
  7. After your video and content submission, it will be proof-read and edited properly before final publishing. Hence, it may take 2 to 5 days for a video and content to publish online after your submission.
  8. The textbook (hard copy) will be sent for publication only after completion of all the units by the team. The book will be published by the Name – Ayurved Bharati Foundation and Co-authors name (all team members’ names involved in book writing). If a teacher has written the book solely, his/ her name will be as the main author.
  9.  We understand that it is very hard to understand many computer/ online work related technical things, especially for a medico. So, for the ease of doing, we will provide you with your individual Google Doc link where you can write your notes/ contents. Videos may be uploaded in google drive (with view access) and the link can be mentioned in the same Google doc in the respective topic.
  10. Never use copyrighted contents – texts, audio, video, images, graphics etc in your video or notes/ book. Few suggested tools for content creations are – Google office tools (Docs, Sheet, Slides), (for online graphics/ royalty free images).

Important Guidelines for recording videos

  1. Videos can be easily recorded on zoom meet app (free version). To record a video, Start a new meeting, set your department’s virtual background, and test your audio device working properly. Keep your PPT open in another window and then if all set, start recording on the computer. The recording will be saved on your device when you end the meeting for all. (see screenshots below for reference.)
Fig 1. Zoom desktop app Login Screen. Enter your login credentials and then sign in.
Fig. 2. After login, click on NEW MEETING
Fig 3. After the new meeting starts, please click the maximize icon.
Fig. 4 Zoom Toolbar options/ settings
To add a virtual background, please click on video settings then select the already added image or add new.

When all is set, start recording by clicking the record button>> Record on this computer. Start teaching with a formal greeting and today’s topic (no need to introduce yourself, as it will be written on the video thumbnail and description) and then share the ppt. Please keep a smile on your face to make your presentation more pleasing.

To share your ppt, please click on Share screen button in zoom meet and then select the ppt opened in another window.

When the topic is over, please click End the meeting for all to save the recording.

  1. Only Hindi or English language should be used for communication. We will start working with regional languages later when suitable time comes.
  2. Always switch on the camera/ video mode during the class. The camera angle should be proper to cover your face. Sit straight and in the centre of the screen. Camera should be of high resolution.
  3. Please ensure proper lighting on your face from front. No lighting from your back, this may create a shadow on your face.
  4. Before the start of class, please ensure your audio device and speakers are working well. Please do not test the audio video setting after starting the class.
  5. Please do not hold a mic in your hand during a class. Please ensure there is no background noise.
  6. Please ensure good internet connectivity during a class. It is advisable to use a broadband/ high speed wi-fi service.
  7. Use of PPT is mandatory in class (for practicals, it is optional). Keep it in fullscreen mode while sharing.
  8. For making PPT and notes, please avoid copyrighted contents. Always use royalty free images/ animations/ videos to make your contents. If you are taking any image/ file from the internet, please give it credit to the owner. E.g. quoting Image Courtesy – XYZ, source –
  9. Setting of subject wise virtual background is mandatory during a class/ recording.

Important Points To Remember In Notes/ Book Preparation

  1. Please use either Hindi or English as per your convenience while making notes or book contents.
  2. Please use interactive contents like – illustrative images, flow charts, graphs, animations, small video clips.
  3. Please ensure no grammatical or spelling mistakes in write-up.
  4. You may directly use VCP’s portal to work online or Google docs/ slides and then upload in the portal.
  5. You can also work offline using office tools as per your convenience.
  6. Contents should be complete in all ways. If someone directly reads the notes, they can easily understand the topic even without viewing the related video.
  7. Please ensure to cover your topic within 24 hours of your live class/ video recording. It is advisable to prepare contents before class.
  8. Use Shloka in notes/ book contents wherever required. Please describe word to word meaning, so that a student can easily learn it.

Important Portal Links –Β 

  1. VCP Intro & Guidelines for Teachers –
  2. Ayurved Bharati Website –
  3. Virtual Classroom Program/ Courses –
  4. Free YouTube Videos –
  5. Student Portal –
  6. Revenue calculator –
  7. Teacher’s Consent –
  8. Affiliate Program –
  9. Apply to join the team –

All your efforts and support are important for our students. You are the foundation pillars of this project. Your dedication and sincerity will act as a catalyst and all will be benefited with this. Let’s start from today, together we will make a new, efficient and powerful Ayurvedic educational system.

Thank you very much for your all time support and cooperation. Please feel free to ask anytime if you have any query. 

Warm regards and best wishes.

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