Revenue Calculator for option A

You may edit the default values in the calculator below to check your estimated revenue…

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Revenue Calculation Formula –
E ={(Ax60%)/Bx(CxD)}+101


A = Course Fee (Excluding taxes)
B = Total hours of subject to be taught as per syllabusΒ 
C = Enrolled students
D = Hours of teaching by a teacher
E = Your earnings (in INR)

Revenue Calculator for Option C

A teacher will be paid Rs. 101 per YouTube video + 60% of revenue earned from their videos on YouTube. If the videos chosen from their live class recordings, they will be paid only 60% of YouTube revenue earned from that videos, as Rs. 101 will be already paid for Live class recording.

Revenue Calculator for Option D

If a teacher joins our Book Writing Team as a co-author, he/ she will be paid 60% of the royalty given by publisher. The 60% royalty will be shared to all the co-authors of that book depending upon their work.

Let’s understand it with an example – There are 3 co-authors (Author X, Author Y and Author Z), who have written a 500 pages book of MRP Rs. 500 and 1000 prints (copies) are published by the publisher. If Author X has contributed 100 pages, Author Y has contributed 150 pages and Author Z has contributed 250 pages. So the earnings of each author will be –

Author X – Rs. 6101

Author Y – Rs. 9101

Author Z – Rs. 15101

The royalty will be shared each time for all subsequent copies printed by the publisher.

Transparent revenue sharing plans

Live Stream
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