Haryana PSC AMO (Ayurvedic Medical Officer) 2024


  • Comprehensive online coaching for Haryana PSC AMO Exam 2024
  • Weekly Live Classes
  • Pre-recorded video lectures available in Digital Library for flexible learning
  • Free Digital Library with 500+ video lectures
  • Govind Pareek’s 80-page lecture series included
  • Access to Test Series with 25,000+ MCQs
  • Detailed Samhita & subject-wise lectures
  • Study and practice at your own pace
  • Dedicated WhatsApp Group: Interact with the expert and other fellow aspirants and boost your preparation on the go!
  • Course validity until HPSC AMO Exam 2024
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Are you aspiring to become an Ayurvedic Medical Officer (AMO) through the Haryana Public Service Commission (HPSC) in 2024? Our comprehensive online coaching program is tailored to help you achieve your goal with confidence and ease. With a rich array of resources and expert guidance, our Haryana PSC AMO Coaching course is designed to provide you with everything you need to excel in the HPSC AMO Exam 2024.

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Course Overview | Haryana PSC AMO Coaching

  • Course Mode: Online
  • Course Validity: Digital Library access till HPSC AMO Exam 2024

Key Features

  • Weekly Live Class: Attend the weekly Live interactive classes and ensure effective preparation for Haryana PSC AMO exam 2024.
  • Pre-recorded Videos: Access high-quality pre-recorded video lectures from experienced faculty members, covering all essential topics and concepts needed for the HPSC AMO exam.
  • Free Digital Library: Gain unlimited access to a vast digital library with more than 500+ video lectures, ensuring you have all the resources you need at your fingertips.
  • Govind Pareek Lecture Series: Benefit from the exclusive 80-page Govind Pareek lecture series, providing you with invaluable insights.
  • Test Series Access: Practice and assess your knowledge with a comprehensive test series featuring 25,000+ MCQs, helping you prepare thoroughly for the exam.
  • Samhita & Subject-wise Lectures: Deep dive into Samhita and subject-wise lectures, ensuring a thorough understanding of all key areas and subjects.
  • Flexible Learning: Prepare and practice at your own time and pace, making it easy to fit your studies into your busy schedule.
  • Dedicated WhatsApp Group: Interact with the expert and other fellow aspirants and boost your preparation on the go!

Syllabus Covered in Haryana PSC AMO Coaching Course

Haryana PSC AMO 2024 Whole Syllabus Covered –

  1. Samhita – Siddhant
  2. Rachana Sharira & Kriya Sharira
  3. Dravya Guna
  4. Rasa Shastra & Bhaishajya Kalpana
  5. Roga Nidana
  6. Agadatantra
  7. Swasthavritta
  8. Prasuti Tantra & Stri Roga
  9. Kaumarabhritya
  10. Kaya Chikitsa & Panchakarma
  11. Shalya Tantra & Shalakya Tantra
  12. Medical Research & Bio Statistics

Why Choose Our Haryana PSC AMO Coaching?

  • Expert Faculty: Learn from highly qualified and experienced teachers who have a proven track record of success in Ayurvedic medical education and competitive exams.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Our course is designed to cover all aspects of the HPSC AMO syllabus, ensuring you are well-prepared for every part of the exam.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage with interactive and engaging video lectures, designed to make learning enjoyable and effective.
  • Extensive Resources: Access a wide range of study materials, including video lectures, digital library resources, and the Govind Pareek lecture series.
  • Affordable Fees: Our course offers exceptional value, providing you with top-quality education and resources without breaking the bank.

Course Content | Haryana PSC AMO Coaching

  1. Pre-recorded Video Lectures:
    • Fundamental concepts
    • Detailed explanations of key topics
    • Step-by-step problem-solving techniques & mnemonics.
  2. Digital Library:
    • 500+ video lectures
    • Comprehensive digital study materials
    • Reference books and eBooks
  3. Govind Pareek Lecture Series:
    • Exclusive 80-page lecture series
    • Expert insights and strategies
  4. Test Series:
    • 25,000 multiple-choice questions (MCQs)
    • Subject-wise and samhita-wise model tests
  5. Samhita & Subject-wise Lectures:
    • Detailed Samhita discussions
    • Subject-wise comprehensive lectures
    • In-depth analysis and explanations

FAQs on Haryana PSC AMO Coaching 2024 Exam

How to Enroll:

To enroll in the Haryana PSC AMO Coaching 2024 exam course, visit our website at https://ayurvedbharati.org and complete the registration process. Once enrolled, you’ll gain access to your course materials inside Digital Library section.

Don’t miss this opportunity to prepare effectively and efficiently for the HPSC AMO exam. Enroll today and take a significant step towards your dream career in Ayurveda!


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