Samskrita for All

This category contains Samskrita courses offered in this platform. Teaching language – Samskrita and EnglishSamskrita for School Students (From Class 1 to Class 10, based on NCERT syllabus)Beginner’s course on Samskrita (Weekly classes, total 15 days)Subhashitam Sanskritam Level 1 (Spoken Samskrita)  – 15 days (weekly)Subhashitam Sanskritam Level 2 (Spoken Samskrita)  – 60 days (weekly)Subhashitam Sanskritam Level 3 (Spoken Samskrita)  – 60 days (weekly)Subhashitam Sanskritam Level 4 (Spoken Samskrita)  – 60 days (weekly)Free videos recordings are available at –

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