Ayurved Bharati Cancer Hospital

Ayurved Bharati Hospital is one of the Best Cancer Ayurvedic Treatment Hospital in Morena, near Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. With 11 bedded indoor facility we provide all types of Ayurvedic treatment services including Panchakarma, Agnikarma, Viddhakarma, Ahar Chikitsa, Yoga Chikitsa, Satvyavajaya Chikitsa, Geeta Swadhyaya Chikitsa under one roof.

Types of cancer we treat…

We treat all types of cancers like brain cancer, throat cancer, oral cancer (mouth cancer), lungs cancer, breast cancer, bone cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer, esophageal cancer, colon cancer, intestinal cancer, rectal cancer, uterine fibroids, uterus cancer, ovary cancer, testicular cancer, bone marrow cancer, blood cancer, skin cancer, leukemia, lymphoma, sarcoma etc.

Common Cancer Types and it’s Ayurvedic Treatment

Bladder Cancer | Breast Cancer | Colon and Rectal Cancer | Endometrial Cancer | Kidney Cancer | Leukemia | Liver Cancer | Lung Cancer | Melanoma | Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma | Pancreatic Cancer | Prostate Cancer | Thyroid Cancer

Cancer Types ( A to Z)
Select a type of cancer by alphabet to learn about it’s Ayurvedic treatment, causes and prevention, screening, and the latest research.


A disease manifests mainly when the causative factors triggers and imbalances dosha. These dosha after getting vitiated, accumulates in our dhatu and causes disease. The organ or system get affected when their related dosh and dhatu get affected or imbalanced and causes disease. Same concept implies with Cancer.

Treatment facilities at Ayurved Bharati Cancer Hospital

  1. Ayurvedic medicines – We manufacture best quality Rasa aushadhis and other Ayurvedic formulations based on classics under experienced Ayurvedic expert’s supervision.
  2. Panchakarma – Ayurvedic therapies detoxifies bodily toxins and rejuvenate the body to fight against various ailments.
  3. Agnikarma – Ayurvedic procedure to treat various incurable diseases.
  4. Viddhakarma & Raktamokshana – A special Ayurvedic treatment for various incurable diseases.
  5. Aahar Chikitsa – Ayurveda suggest various dieting protocols which helps in the diseases treatment.
  6. Satvyavajaya Chikitsa – Satva means mind and psyche. Pschycological counselling and other psychotherapy helps to heal the body and mind.
  7. Yoga Chikitsa – When medicines and other treatments fail, Yoga does miracles. We advise customised Yoga based on individual’s capacity and need.
  8. Video Consultation – The patients who are bedridden or unable to come to hospital can avail Video Consultation facility.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Cancer Treatment

  • Holistic approach of Ayurvedic treatment makes it more effective and efficient.
  • Many patients are unfit to chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Such parients can take Ayurvedic Cancer treatment with no side effects.
  • It acts as an adjunct to conventional treatments in almost all stages of Cancer.
  • It increases life span and reduces sufferings of the patient.
  • It has anti-cancer and immuno-therapeutical properties
  •  It has no negative effects and is compatible with radiation and chemotherapy.

Why Ayurved Bharati is a better option for cancer treatment?

Ayurved Bharati provides a platform for cancer patients where they can consult with our experienced expert Ayurvedic oncologist. Our holistic approach and treatment methodology is such a unique which is originated from time tested Ayurveda. This makes us Best Cancer Ayurvedic Treatment Hospital in Morena, near Gwalior, madhya Pradesh.

We at Ayurved Bharati treat mostly all types of cancers including solid tumors and blood & lymphatic cancer. Either you are under any conventional treatment such as chemotherapy or radio therapy or underwent surgical procedures; Ayurvedic treatment is very much helpful in addition to those. Ayurvedic treatments including Ayurvedic medicines will reduce the side-effects of chemo & radio therapies. Also, it helps in treating the disease in a holistic way.

In Ayurvedic treatment, a quality medicine is the key to unlock the locked door of health. We prepare Ayurvedic medicines by self traditionally by following the classical Ayurvedic texts under the supervision of Ayurved expertise. This ensures the availability of effective and efficacious medicines.

Treatment in Ayurved is specific and customized for every patients depending upon their age, sex, Agni, Dosh, Kal, Bal, Dhatu, Nadi etc. We at Ayurved Bharati, plan customized treatment and medicines for each and every patient depending upon their case.

We treat diseases with holistic approach which include Shodhan, Shaman, Ayurvedic Ahar Chikitsa, Yog, Satva Avajaya Chikitsa and Rasayana Chikitsa.

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